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Below is your Orange Ribbon Campaign Toolkit. What are you waiting for?

Every single one of us has the potential to make a difference. By celebrating Alberta’s refugees, we are enhancing our own sense of community. Whether you simply wear your orange ribbon or get your business, organization or school involved, the actions you take make a statement that celebrating refugees this June, matters.


Show support for your fellow Calgarians by wearing an orange ribbon. Having colleagues/classmates wear their ribbon, and telling people why you are supporting the cause is a great way to generate momentum and build a community around the cause.  You can make your orange ribbons quick and easy. Bulk ribbon reels and pins can be purchased at Ribbon Canada or any Fabricland location throughout Calgary. 

Become a workplace / school / university champion by heading up an Orange Ribbon Campaign. Connect with your Centre for Newcomers liaison to learn about the Orange Ribbon Campaign, CFN’s work and how you can help make a difference this June. Click to download you ORC 2019 Campaign Guide Book, an email template for outreach, this year's collection or ORC Posters as well as as variety of Campaign and CFN logos to help you get the word out.

Book an impact speaker through CFN who can share their own compelling refugee story with your staff or student body. Impact speakers help foster an understanding of how your support positively impacts the lives of people living in Calgary and the surrounding area. Click here to download a request form to book an impact speaker.

Use Social Media to spread the word and make an impact. Use the hashtag #YYCRefugee and help support Canada's most vulnerable newcomers with building a new life in Canada. Click here for ORC 2019 Social Media Images. 

Hold a CFN facilitated presentation where employees or students are educated about the work CFN does in the Calgary Community, the Canadian experience for global refugees and the state of immigration in Canada today. Click here to download a request form to book a presentation.

Hold a day to celebrate the diversity of your team, school or college, of your city and Canada as a whole. Staff bring in cultural items, food, photos, tell stories and dress in their cultural wear. Click here to download a tip sheet as well as an event planning template to help you plan your ORC day event. 

Statistics and information on refugees in Canada and around the world can bring a more focused understanding of the world's displaced populations. Click here to access several videos for download. 

Donate to the Centre for Newcomers. We rely on donations to carry out our mission and to keep this campaign going. Click here to download both individual and corporate donation forms and a request form for your tax receipt.  



Pre-order your super soft tee or hoodie today and our friends at Rawry & Pohly will donate 50% of the proceeds back to the Centre for Newcomers.

Be a Workplace /

School Champion

The orange ribbon campaign makes for a great fundraiser at your office, school, or small business! Are you a business, school, workplace, or business that would like to help foster an understading of the refugeee experince while supporiting organizations that assit in settling newcomers into Canadian life?


Here’s what you need to do:

If you are in Calgary (or anywhere else in Alberta), contact the Contact the Centre for Newcomers in Calgary. Email us at orangeribbon@centrefornewcomers.ca

For more information on refugee supports in Edmonton:

Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

For more information on refugee supports in Red Deer:

Central Alberta Refugee Effort

Promoting the Orange
Ribbon Campaign is easy!

As a school/workplace undertaking the campaign, it is important to know “your why” -- why are you supporting this initiative, and why it matters to you!

Articulate your why: Develop a quick explanation (feel free to use some of the messages on this website) about your organization’s rationale to support.

Use social media: Social media helps get the word out there! Having colleagues/classmates wear their ribbon, and tell people why they are supporting the cause is a great way to generate momentum and build a community around the cause.

For more information on how you can run an Orange Ribbon Campaign at your workplace or school contact us at d.hohol@centrefornewcomers.ca or 403-805-1750